Kathy Hopwood ~ Fine Art

Kanji Paintings

Kanji are a set of symbols in which the character conveys a complete meaning. Kanji were originally drawn as pictures from nature but gradually transformed to become a more generalized representation.  I create paintings of Kanji characters rather than calligraphy, which is done free-hand with a brush.

Kanji can be written in different types of script styles ranging from blockish to a flowing style. Several kanji may be used for the same word, and there are different interpretations for a kanji character depending on the word or concept you are trying to convey.  The lines, circles and curves of Kanji symbols convey meanings which can be personal or inspirational.

These paintings, on  5" x 8" wood panel or 11" x 14" canvas, sell from $55 to $95. I do commissions. 

Click on an image to see the Kanji symbol meaning and size of the painting.

Group of Kanji paintings on 5' x 8' wood panels

Group of Kanji paintings on 5' x 8' wood panels